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Richard and Charlie on Top as Rain Stops Play

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With rain and standing water causing last night’s West Stow TT to be cancelled, now’s a good time to catch up with the current standings in the Evening Time Trial Series.

After being tied for the top spot before last week’s time trial at Horringer, Fraser Elsworth not riding allowed Richard Farrow to pull away at the top again. Both riders are still well clear of the opposition…..


Name Time Trial Trophy Points Series League Table
Richard Farrow 162
Fraser Elsworth 137
Matt Shingleton 85
Paul Rooke 69
Clement Wallace 68
Boyd Nicholas 66
Malcolm McFarlane 61
Pip Moore 57
Matt Denny 51
Richard Sykes-Popham 51
Greg Davies 47
Darren Sharman 47
Peter Stephenson-Wall 45
Lee Sole 42
David Young 39
Viv Smith 39
Dan Baxter 36
Scott Williams 31
Richard Carrington 30
David Howes 26


For the Collard Shield, Charlie Knowler has pulled away after with his 5th personal best of the year at Horringer.  Other pb’s on the night were Matt Denny, Steve Rue and Simon Kitching.  Special mention for Clement Wallace who not only completed a pb on the Horringer course but it was also his fastest ever 10 mile time trial in the series giving him an extra 3 point bonus.  With faster 10 courses to follow a push for the top is definitely possible.


Name Collard Sheild
Charlie Knowler 33
Fraser Elsworth 27
Malcolm McFarlane 27
Richard Farrow 24
Clement Wallace 24
Harry Shingleton 24
Steve Rue 21
Matt Denny 18
Viv Smith 18
Jim Greenwood 18
Greg Davies 15
Peter Stephenson-Wall 15
Lee Sole 15
David Young 15
Scott Williams 15
Neil Grimmer 15
Mark Elson 15
Matt Shingleton 12
Paul Rooke 12
Boyd Nicholas 12