New Facebook Group Supports Type 1 Diabetic Cyclists and Athletes


Wheelers Zoila Fernández and Matt Denny have set up a Facebook group ( to support type 1 diabetic cyclists and athletes. Zoila explains:

“Matt Denny and myself are both type 1 diabetic cyclists. This means that we are reliant on testing our blood sugars and injecting insulin several times a day in order to stay alive. There are a lot of things that affect our sugar levels. Sport especially. A lot of people who are newly diagnosed either give up their sport or refuse to start, simply because they aren’t too sure on the best way of controlling their levels whilst exercising.

As keen cyclists, this was not something Matt and I were prepared to give up. We decided that we would continue cycling, despite the added challenges, to keeping our condition controlled. We decided to set up the ‘Type 1 diabetic cyclists/sports in East Anglia’ group on facebook in order to help support others who compete with type 1.

We are also planning group rides and events to foster the type 1 diabetic community in East Anglia, and provide a more resilient support network for type 1 athletes and family members alike.”