New Club Trophies

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We have always been proud of the huge range of Trophies and Awards that the club makes available for members to compete for each year. With the massive increase in membership that we have enjoyed in recent years, we believe this aspect of the club activity has become less well known. Following discussions on the subject at Open Meetings, a sub-committee was formed to review the situation, and address some of the anomalies and imbalances that have become apparent.

Today we are publishing a new list of all the Awards on the club website. There are four new trophies and changes to the criteria of three existing trophies:

1. Two new Cyclo Cross awards, one each for best male and female rider in Eastern League age groups, to match the existing one for Youth/Juvenile rider in his/her age group.
2. New award for best placed member in Ixworth Cycle Races.
3. New award for fastest 10 mile TT by a male competitor, to match the existing award for a female.
4. The unique Halfwheel Trophy for the best rider on a standard road bike in the club evening time trial series.
5. The Ensign Trophy will now be awarded for the most outstanding Endurance Ride of the year.
6. The Off Road Trophy will go back to being for the best Mountain Bike competitor, now that there are specific CX awards.

For the full list please visit the Trophies and Records page.