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Fraser Closes in on Series Lead

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After the last TT at Higham, Richard Farrow and Fraser Elsworth are pulling away from the pack in the Club’s Evening TT Series. Richard’s lead must come to an end soon; with Fraser still on amazing form the flying 16 year old will almost certainly take the overall lead in the upcoming 8.5 mile event at Risby (Thursday 4th May).

Name Time Trial Trophy Points Series League Table
Richard Farrow 118
Fraser Elsworth 115
Matt Shingleton 55
Boyd Nicholas 52
Clement Wallace 49
Malcolm McFarlane 49
Paul Rooke 44
Peter Stephenson-Wall 37
Lee Sole 37
David Young 34
Darren Sharman 34
Pip Moore 34
Richard Sykes-popham 32
Greg Davies 30
Matt Denny 28
Scott Williams 22
Viv Smith 22
Paul Vickers 22
Peter Nichols 20


Charlie Knowler, Malcolm McFarlane and Fraser Elsworth all completed personal bests at Higham, which was very impressive on what was a very cold, wet and windy night.  All three are leading the way in the Collard Shield.


Name Collard Shield
Fraser Elsworth 24
Malcolm McFarlane 24
Charlie Knowler 21
Richard Farrow 18
Harry Shingleton 18
Clement Wallace 15
Peter Stephenson-Wall 12
Lee Sole 12
David Young 12
Scott Williams 12
Viv Smith 12
Jim Greenwood 12
Neil Grimmer 12
Mark Elson 12
Boyd Nicholas 9
Paul Rooke 9
Greg Davies 9
Matt Denny 9
Peter Nichols 9