2018 Time Trial Series Champions Announced

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The results are in and it’s Dale Sturman and Laura Brown taking the season long time trial trophies, while Richard Farrow re-takes Collard Shield. The new Road Bike Series went to Matt Denny.

With 55 riders competing in this year’s season long time-trial series Dale Sturman (pictured riding the West Stow 2-up) and Laura Brown are crowned the male and female West Suffolk Wheelers Time Trial champions.

With points awarded from 1st to 19th place, and with only twelve of the events counting, Sturman takes maximum points by winning the twelve events he took part in.  Richard Farrow consistently finished in the top 3 throughout the year, which placed him in 2nd, with Matt Shingleton finishing 3rd.  Laura Brown retained the female title and finished 22nd overall.

Richard Farrow has also re-taken the Collard Shield which is also a points based trophy with points awarded for competing in each event and bonus points for personal best times achieved over individual courses.  As a 44 year old veteran who has been racing for over 25 years, to still be able to achieve 4 personal bests over the 7 different courses is quite a feat.  Farrow accumulated 63 points, with last year’s winner Viv Smith in 2nd with 60 points and 3 personal bests, with David Young finishing 3rd with 60 points and 2 pb’s.

Time Trial Series Final Table

Name Time Trial Points
Dale Sturman 360
Richard Farrow 292
Matt Shingleton 287
Pip Moore 222
Matt Denny 213
Paul Rooke 173
Viv Smith 165
Harry Shingleton 162
Clement Wallace 160
David Young 148
Darren Sharman 116
Steve Rue 94
Ray Reeves 89
Greg Davies 70
Boyd Nicholas 70


Collard Shield Final Table

Name Points No. PBs
Richard Farrow 63 4
Viv Smith 60 3
David Young 60 2
Matt Denny 55 4
Harry Shingleton 51 6
Greg Davies 43 5
Pip Moore 42 1
Clement Wallace 42 3
Steve Rue 40 1
Harley Gregory 39 1
Charlie Knowler 39 5
Dale Sturman 36 0
Matt Shingleton 36 2
Ray Reeves 36 4
Alex Cooper 35 2


A new trophy was introduced this year for the best rider on a ‘road bike’, using the same points scoring as the overall series.  The winner was Matt Denny with 332 points, Harry Shingleton finishing 2nd with 280 and Harley Gregory was 3rd with 150 points.

Name Road Bike Points
Matt Denny 332
Harry Shingleton 280
Harley Gregory 150
Matt Eaglen 148
Simon Wallace 133
Clement Wallace 132
Steve Rue 83
Mathew Waller 68
Megan Free 59
Alex Cooper 54
Henry Wood 52
Gerry Barton 52
Glen Stripp 49
Gareth Doman 44
Emily Waller 40
Stephen Cassie 38
Paul Watson 33
Rita Rue 30
Lucy Waller 26
Darren Baker 23
Ray Reeves 22
John Steed 22
Todd Eaglen 22
Matthew Waller 19
Laura Brown 16
Andrew Waller 16
James Holiday-Scott 14
Chris Hare 13
Charlie Knowler 12
James Asker 12
Anthony Stripp 8
Dick Lines 7
Steve Newman 3

A very big thank you to all those who have helped with time keeping and marshalling throughout the season.